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As a physical therapist, I am generally skeptical of the power of creams or lotions to reduce pain. However, I recently aggravated an old Rotator Cuff injury, and a friend recommended that I try this creme. Surprisingly, it helped. I have been able to move on with my daily activities with morning use and sometimes reapplication mid-day or evening. Now I wish I would have known about it when my son returned from scout camp covered in bug bites this summer! I read that it relieves itching, so we will try it for that soon. This may be the Christmas gift I give to those people who are so difficult to buy for!
– Becky, Kansas City, MO

I have had chronic neck pain for many years. I have tried so many different over the counter creams. Most smell and aren't natural. The first thing I noticed when I applied the Active Life was the nice fragrance, it has a light minty smell. I massaged it on my neck and shoulders as per the instructions. It gave a nice warming and cooling sensation. It also helped the arthritis in my hands. That came unexpectedly because it's not greasy so I didn't wash my hands right away and after a while my hands didn't hurt like they usually do. I have been using it 3 times a day for a couple weeks, and the relief I feel is amazing. It really loosens up my muscles and calms down the inflammation. Because it has a pleasant smell I felt comfortable wearing Active Life all the time. My husband is scent sensitive and wasn't bothered by the fragrance at all. The combination of the natural ingredients Arnica, Tea Tree, and Boswellia helped reduce the stiffness I always feel by the end of the day and best of all it's 100% natural. It's a nice size bottle too! I am definitely going to recommend Active Life Natural Relief Cream to the patients at the chiropractic clinic. I also think it's really cool that it's created by Robin Ball a physical therapist and made in the U.S.A – Diane, Dayton, OH

I love, love, love this cool but hot cream. I'm a cancer survivor and Lyme disease victim. I finished a years’ worth of chemo and surgeries six weeks before I tried Active life. The Active life cream helps me get relieve from bone pain from Newlasta shots along with muscle pain and it even helps with the numbness in feet and hands. I love the way it gives a cooling sensation but at the same time heats the muscle and no harmful chemicals! And the smell is so comforting to my sinuses. In the morning when I wake up I put it on and then breath deep through my hands. It is so wonderful the way it opens my sinuses. Even the packaging I have to give thumbs up to the NO mess No tops to unscrew and drop or lose. The cream is non greasy so when I use it before bed it does not come back off on my sheets. No more cords from heating pads in Bed. And no greasy stains on my clothes. All I have to say is Thank you Robin Ball Designs!!!!! – Kim Topeka, KS

Active Life is an exceptional product to treat pain! As an occupational therapist, I have tried many different types with my clients. The scent is not over bearing yet refreshing. The sensation you receive is long lasting and truly assists in getting pain relief results that I have been looking for. It's also nice to finally have a product that I don't feel the need to question or be concerned with the ingredients as Active Life is all natural! I will definitely recommend this product to my clients! –Kayla, Nixa, MO

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what relief I get from Active Life Natural Pain Relief. I am very active and also use my hands a lot doing projects and creating art. Arthritis can slow me down. Before a friend recommended this product, I used essential oils which were helpful, but a bit messy and strong smelling, so I usually waited until bedtime for application. I think the combination of natural ingredients in Active Life works better than my essential oils, and I can use it any time of day and anywhere. Active Life is so simple to apply, is fresh and delicate smelling and works instantaneously! It far exceeded my expectations, and I won’t be without it! – Susan N. Kansas City, MO

I highly recommend Active Life pain relief crème – wonderful scent with great results! As an occupational therapist, I treat patients with pain every day. Many of my patients have arthritis pain & back aches, and inflammation. I have had great results using Active Life crème on my patients. One of my patients told me "that magical crème helped me so much and I am able to knit again". Another patient told me "my arms don't hurt as much and I can play golf again...pain-free!" I am so thrilled to have Active Life pain relief crème in my clinic...and so are my patients! – Sherry Lynne, Charlotte, NC

I have worked in the medical field as a nurse for over 30 years and have tried many pain relief treatments. I like this product because of its natural ingredients and its effectiveness. – Linda, Jefferson City, MO

I had severe pain and swelling in my right knee. After one application I had immediate relief from the pain and the swelling went down the next day. It felt good on my skin. I absolutely recommend this product. – Irma, Springfield, MO

Recently, an old knee and shoulder injury became painful. I tried several OTC products without relief. An Orthopedic M.D. suggested trying Active Live since other patients had had success with it. I'm glad I followed his advice because it worked great for me too. I recommend this product - it brings hours of relief. – Bob, Florida

Not sure how it works but it does. I was skeptical at first because of it being “all natural” but after using it and getting "real" results I now tell my friends all about it. I've tried some of the "box store brands" but this has been the best so far. I even enjoy the mint aroma – reminds me of when my mother applied a menthol rub to soothe me. It's definitely worth the price! – Alex R. Wisconsin

Using Active Life twice a day has taken the pain out of the many activities I'm involved in. – Sarah H. Rhode Island

I am a 41 year old father of six wonderful children. Just chasing them around creates sore muscles. There are days when I could rub Active Life from head to toes! This natural product helps comfort my sore muscles at the end of a very long day.
Thank you! – Carl S. Oxford, MS

I have to let people who suffer from ANY aches and pains, including muscle strain, arthritis (especially in your hands), know about Active Life because it is without a doubt the BEST cream I have tried and believe me I have tried many. You use such a small amount and it gives such relief, I wouldn't be without it. PLUS it’s 100% natural and not tested on animals and both of these make a big difference to me.
-Carolyn W. Xenia, Ohio

I usually get an allergic response to any product that has menthol or mint properties in it. I can break out in a rash so I was a bit skeptical before my first application of Active Life. I was amazed! There was no allergic response - only great benefits from the product. The soreness in my wrists were immediately soothed by the crème. I am very happy especially since it has twice as much product in the container and will last me for a while. – Mardi R. Kirbyville, MO

The Active Life Natural Pain Relief Creme is wonderful. I was in a bad car accident years ago that left me with plates and screws in my arm and leg. My knee and elbow bother me a lot. I hate taking medication for the pain. I have used may topical pain relief creams in the past but they have the most terrible odor and everyone knows you are using something. The Active Life creme has almost no odor and the one it has is nice and light. I can use the creme at work and no one even knows I have applied it. With this creme a little goes a long way. I put on a heavy amount like I would with other creams and quickly realized I did not need that much at all. The creme comes in a handy pump bottle that helps you get just the amount you need. This creme penetrated my joint and I could feel the relief within minutes of applying it. This is a great product that works very well. – Kim, Monks Corner, SC

I am used to using products that have a stronger smell and have more of a cooling feeling but ever time I have used it I find it works quickly and I like that I don't smell like muscle rub. As a massage therapist with fibromyalgia this is my go to help with pain.
 – Sarah, Wauwatosa, WI

I've been using arnica gel for quite some time, but with this most recent ankle injury, it hasn't been working as well as I would like. When I was given the opportunity to test out this Active Life Natural Pain Relief Creme, I said yes without hesitation.

I thought I would get some relief from it, but I wasn't expecting it to take away the throbbing pain and stiffness. I liked that the crème is in a convenient pump for easy application. It absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't leave a film or residue. I was shocked when I started to feel relief within a few minutes of applying the crème. Within 10 minutes, some of the stiffness that I had been experiencing had subsided. With more regular use, the throbbing had seriously reduced as had the stiffness.

I'm really impressed with how well this crème works. It even worked on my husband's back pain which says a lot. It has a pleasant natural, mellow scent that isn't overwhelming. It's always a good thing when you can get pain relief with natural ingredients. 
– Marine Corps Nomad

I don't have anything but good things to say about this Active Life Natural Pain Relief. It was super easy to put on and didn't make a real big mess. The smell was so much better than most of the other muscle and ache ointments I have used. It is a super great feeling that I am using something that is all natural and doesn't have a bunch of additives in it that I don't know what it will end up doing down the road. I used this on my back around my shoulder blades where I had some muscles swollen up and sore it took about 3 mins and I could feel it working. I'm sure my wife will use it on her knee when it starts acting and be sold on it too. Another nice point is the bottle comes in a pump style and not in a jar and it always has a clean tip. - R., Hempstead, Texas

The bottle is a nice 5 ounce pump bottle and has a very light smell. This is the very first time I can say I love the smell of my pain relief cream! lol It is so creamy and absorbs well into the skin. When you rub it in you really don't feel anything, then a couple of minutes later you can feel it working on the joints and muscles. It is not a burning feeling like you get with BenGay or IcyHot. It is just a gentle warming. I have tried others and they usually smell terrible, burn too much, or irritate my skin. If the cream smells so bad you cannot go out with it on what good is it? Active Life Natural Pain Relief Creme is 100% natural with Arnica, Tea Tree, and Boswellia. It’s made in the USA and is PETA approved! I recommend using it more than once a day if you have a lot of pain. If you have sensitive skin it shouldn’t irritate it as my skin is sensitive and I have no problems yet. I am hooked and plan on this being the only pain relief cream I have! – Nerdy Nan, Verbena, AL

I am a 63 year old guy that is in the process of building our dream home. This activity results in many aches and pains. I was pleasantly surprised first by the size of the bottle, it was much bigger than expected and second, the smell is quite pleasant, not overwhelming like a lot of other brands. I applied the creme before bedtime and woke up pain free! I am very happy with my purchase of Active Life comfort creme. – Geoff, Warrensburg, MO

I tried it on my foot and it works wonders. I like the soothing minty sensation at the same time the aroma of the creme that is gentle to the nose. It did relieve the pain and the area where I put the creme stays smooth and soft. It is easily absorbed by my skin and not sticky nor greasy at all. Also, I like how it doesn't leave any film. This pain relief creme does not contain any paragon and harmful chemicals. Thus, it is safe to use on most parts of the body. – Jane, Shawnee, KS 

This product is wonderful. As a cancer survivor I like to use natural products and this fit the bill. I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis, Active Life provides me with relief from the pain. Thank you Robin Ball designs for a great product. – Donetta, Taneyville, MO

Active Life is a great replacement for pain prescriptions and NSAID's. For the past year, I've been looking for a natural product that would be as effective as a pill. I found it in Active Life. It relieves my pain and improves my range of motion. It's more soothing than other topical creams I've tried. The rich formula requires only a small amount to be effective and the 5 oz size will last forever. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. – W., Memphis, TN

Active Life is a multi-tasking crème. My granddaughter’s boyfriend is a competitive bodybuilder. He has low back pain most of the time. She massaged Active Life into the painful area of his back and it was gone immediately! We were all amazed. Then, she got 3 mosquito bites all at once – usually, she’ll scratch them until they welt up and bleed. I would reach for alcohol as a remedy but instead decided to try Active Life. Once again, there was immediate relief – no welting and no more scratching. My only hope is that there will be some Active Life left for me! I highly recommend this product. – Paige, Hollister, MO

I work at a doggie day care center and spend all day chasing, washing, lifting, and cuddling dogs. Then, I clean the facility. On days off I like to hike, raft and fish. When I heard about Active Life and the results people were getting I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did. My hips and low back area are my problem spots and Active Life relieved both areas. In fact, the relief was immediate. When I’ve used other pain relievers I would get a skin reaction – like a rash. This product not only helped my muscle soreness, it also soothed my skin – with no reaction. I’ve even followed the suggestion to apply before strenuous activity which really helps on days I know I’ll be busy at work. I will always have this product on hand. Take it from me, this pain relief product is the best! - Tracy, Morrisville, MO

Purchased one to see how well we liked it, and love it! It helps with aches and pains from arthritis, previous injuries, etc. and when we've simply overdone it. We purchased two more so that we could give one to my mother to use. Works just as well as a very expensive prescription received from a compounding pharmacy at a fraction of the price. – Ron, Lee’s Summit, MO


My daughter Jennifer introduced me to this product and I love it! I put it on every part that hurts me, I had a mastectomy and I use it on the sides of my breast and I ended up with pain in my feet and I use it to take away the pain at night and I had knee pain and it took away the pain in my knee! ITs the best pain reliever and I tried everything out there! I gave it the five star rating! Thank you so much for this product! – Joan, Ocala, FL

This is a great product. I had knee surgery 1 1/2 years ago. I still have issues with my knee when I stand or walk for long periods of time. I have been using this for a week and it has prevented me from having to take pain meds. I will be buying this product again. – JL, Warrensburg, MO

 Do you have an active life? Causing you pain? Or maybe you just have pain in your life all the time, this is a great way to get some relief. It is perfect for sore muscles from the gym, or a long hike. I also think it is perfect for back pain, and joint pain. I have had back surgery, and when you have a fusion it hurts. Before, after, during, the entire time, so now I try to manage my pain with natural products, and any way I can. This is a great way to do it, it works great on my back, and for other uses too. I am very pleased with this. I also love the way it is packaged, you get it in an airless pump, so there is no waist, and it is easy and no messy way to get it out. This is a great product. very pleased with it. – Cyndi, Pueblo, CO

 I've been using this #activelifecreme for several days and the pain in my knee has gotten so much better. I keep this #activelifecreme beside my bed and use it before going to sleep. I actually used this #activelifecreme on my mom's back and she said it helped in only one application. I like that this is ALL NATURAL, and doesn't have that typical medicine smell, not saying there isn't a smell but it’s not strong. AS I write this I have it on my knee and I'm getting a warm/cool sensation, lets me know it’s working!! The packaging is so nice and it’s a pump type dispenser another nice thing about this!!! Very pleased with this product. – Robin, Easley, SC

 I love this pain relieving crème! It smells amazing and it works wonderfully! I really love that it is 100% natural and made in the USA. I was also pleasantly surprised by the size, it was much larger than I was anticipating. It also has a pump dispenser, which is very convenient. I will definitely be buying this again! – Elicia, Kingsville, MO

 My right knee tingled, went back and forth between heating and cooling periods and felt invigorated the whole time. It was soothing and delightful! The thing is, is that I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't read anything about the product until I had used it. I was quite impressed. The product was created for those afflicted with arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, tendinitis and bursitis. It's difficult to impress me in the area of pain management/relief. But, Active Life did just that. I like the spiritual aspect of Active Life, as well. I was scanning the bottle and there it was, "The body wants to heal." This very quote is part of the oomph behind reiki healing.
I like it. I like the company representative with whom I dealt, the product, the size of the product, I liked it all. This product also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Yeah, we like that too. Oh, and did I mention that Active Life is good for bug bites? Yip. It helps with the sting. – Ginae, Fort Worth, TX

 I really like this Active Life Creme. I have used various oils, cremes and gels over the years to sooth my muscles, especially in my lower back. To me it provided similar relief as Arnica Gel. I was nervous to use a creme over the gel but it soaked in wonderfully. None of them works 100% for me but they certain support my recovery to be much faster and I will gladly use this product and purchase it again.
– M Z, Warrensburg, MO

I am quite active. I like walking my dogs, practicing yoga and staying busy at work. Over the years, I’ve had a problem with pain in my low back area and knees. As a cancer survivor, natural products are very important to me. I’ve tried a variety of natural pain relief products but nothing has worked as well as Active Life! I massage a small amount where there’s pain and within minutes the pain is gone. I’m able to sleep through the night and wake up without the pain. The scent is pleasant and adds to the soothing feeling I get from the crème. This is definitely the best pain relief crème I’ve used yet. Active Life is a perfect Christmas stocking gift! Tell your friends at the gym!!
– Anne, Lake City, MN

This product is amazing!!! I've tried many different cremes with Arnica and had minimal pain relief. The way this is combined with other ingredients makes it work. I don't know how exactly, it just does. I thought maybe I was experiencing a (wishful thinking) placebo affect and had 2 other friends test it and they both agreed. It does what it says. Highly recommend! - Pam, Gibsonia, PA

 This product is awesome! It smells great and feels wonderful on my skin. When I have aches & pains from everyday life I put this on before I go to bed and in the morning I don't have any more symptoms-woohoo! The biggest bonus is that it is all natural without chemicals and no toxins, Love it. Rebecca, St. Louis, MO

 Purchased this a while ago and wanted to wait till I was sure of the results before posting. It is a topical cream that I use sparingly on minor joint and muscle pain. After massaging it into the area I feel a "cool" relief and when used repeatedly it seems to help best. My wife uses it on her knuckles and has had positive results also. It has a very non offensive minty smell and does not leave any residue once you rub a small dab on the desired area. – Mark, Cincinnati, OH

 Got this for my sister because she has neck and back pain from a pinched nerve. She said it worked great and she didn't know what she would have done without! Highly recommend this product! – Bobbi, Shawnee, KS

 I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from those nagging aches and pains. The pump applicator is easy for anyone to use and the cream delivers a cooling relief within seconds. It also has a pleasant minty aroma. As a healthcare professional, I appreciate the all-natural ingredients. Some patients, my husband included, cannot use pain relief products that contain Ibuprofen. Active Life is safe for them to use. I would definitely order this product again! – Heidi, Sedalia, MO